Stop Burglars at the Door

By David Carrington - 11/12/10

Burglars Gain Entry Most Often By Kicking In Doors -- And They Can Get Inside in Less Than 1 Second!

The FBI says: "Every 12 seconds a home invasion occurs by someone going right through the front or back door". This happens in 70+% of all break-ins and "door frame failure" is almost always the cause.

Think about this. How many times have you seen the police on those real crime TV shows kick in doors? A lot, right? Well if a man in a police uniform can do it that easily, then why can't a man in a burglar outfit also do it that easily? The fact of the matter is, you don't want ANYONE to be able to gain entry into your home easily.


Why Are Doors So Easily Kicked-in or Forced Open?

It all comes down to one critical design flaw and it's found on virtually every exterior residential door entryway. Most exterior doors, hinges, deadbolts and door locks are fairly strong. It's the WOODEN DOOR FRAME also known as the door jamb that is the weakest area. Door jambs are most often constructed from softwood trees such as Pine, Spruce and Fir. These soft woods can't withstand the force of a 1/2" to 3/4" solid steel deadbolt stem being massively forced against them as happens when a door is kicked or "shoulder slammed".


Notice the typical short, small diameter brass screws that are on most door strike plates. They provide little support other than simply holding the metal strike plate on the door frame.

Door Security Pro 72 Inch Installed

This entry door has been reinforced with a 6' long door frame reinforcement product. (Photo courtesy of Door Security Pro)

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