Next you will use a drill bit, (the same size the screws you took out), to ream out the holes on both the door and the
door frame. Then you will need a piece of what's called 'all-thread'. All-thread is a metal cylinder with screw-like
threads all the way down it from one end to the another. There is no point on either end and no screw head on either
end. It's just the shaft part of a screw.

You will need a piece of all-threadn (top right photo) that's as long as the distance you reamed into your door, plus about an inch more.
You can buy all-thread at your local hardware or home improvement store. The clerk will usually cut it to the length you
ask for, so you don't have deal with cutting it at home.

After coating it with a bit of glue, push or screw your all-thread into the hole you reamed on your door. It should fit
snugly, and the glue will help hold it in place as the weather changes heat and cool the door, so that it doesn't loosen

Once you have that piece of all-thread in place, about an inch of it will still be sticking out. When you close the
door, that inch will go into the hole that you reamed out on the door jam. If it doesn't slide in and
out smoothly when you close the door, you may need to ream out that hole a little bit more. (Consider using the next
larger size drill bit.) The door should close smoothly, with the exposed section of the all-thread going into the door
jam, each time you close the door.

Pinning your door hinges in this fashion makes it impossible to push the door straight in. Instead, it has to be opened
from one side in order to release the pin. You can do this to any exterior or interior door that has at least an inch or
two of solid wood along the edges. Some doors may be hollow in the center. But if you check carefully you'll discover
the first few inches all around the door is made of solid wood.

You can pin hinges on both inward and outward swinging doors. This is a quick and inexpensive way to make your home less
attractive to potential break-ins. *End of article.

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